Little David Case Sealers are designed to fulfill your production requirements. Our systems work with both uniform and random sized cases. For years, we have been providing solutions for a variety of industries, including food & beverage and healthcare. We understand that there is not a one size fits all, which is why we will work with you to create the perfect sealing solution.  Choose from operator required semi-automatic or no operator needed fully automatic models. 

Loveshaw case sealers feature self-centering side-rails that lessen the chances of taping mishaps while utilizing a single mast design, granting optimum operator safety. The flexibility and mobility of these designs allow for easy integration with most conveyor systems. 

Made from heavy duty 7-12 gauge steel construction, along with our self-tensioning and self-centering drive belts,  these sealers offer durability and low maintenance.     Case sealer options / definitions / usage

Uniform Case Sealers

Loveshaw Uniform Case Sealers

Semi-Automatic (Operator required)

Fully Automatic (No operator required)

Random Case Sealers

Loveshaw Random Case Sealers

Semi-Automatic (Operator required)

Fully-Automatic (No operator required)

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