Bostitch P51-10B

  • $450.00

Carton Closing

* Powerful shuttle blade provides pre-compression squeezes material prior and during the driving and clinching operation, giving a strong tight closure without breaking the corrugated surface

* 6 inch by 1 inch high throat allows flexibility of staple placement and limits interference from obstacles such as box flanges


* Fastening corrugated containers, vegetable tray boxes, end caps, pallet boxes, container inserts, die cut inserts, etc.

* Stapling of fabric

Tool Description:

* Tool weight: 4.5 lbs.

* Magazine capacity: 102

* Penetrates and securely fastens up to two thicknesses of double wall AB flute 500 lb. test board or four thicknesses of single wall C flute 275 lb. test board (for more layers see ESD-450S2P)

* Kits available: P51K1 kit with foot valve, remote trigger valve and clincher, P51181 remote trigger valve, P50152A mattress clincher


* Genuine Bostitch SB103020 Series Staples